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Coming Soon…

This is where you’ll find a short list of projects I’m working on at the moment. Forthcoming contracts and works in progress will be announced here, so check back often for updates!

Coming soon Taming the Stars in Suspended in Dusk, an anthology coming in 2014 from Books of the Dead.

More details to follow!

Coming soon Choiceless Beach in The Sea, an anthology coming in 2014 from Dark Continents Publishing.

Speculative literature. A painter, his muse, and the subtle, constant tug of the sea. More details to follow!

Making the Days

A geologist is part of a survey team preparing the way for a water pipeline across the surface of an inhospitable planet. Attacked and left for dead, the only thing that sustains her is the kindness of Luka, the Maker of Days.

This title is an extended edition of the short story, ‘The Maker of Days’, which will be available March 7th 2014 via DieGo Comic Publishing’s newsletter, following the closure of their Leagues of Fantasy magazine, in which the story was scheduled for publication. The story will be available here as a free read after that date.


No one remembers how the war began, or how long they’ve been fighting. It is just the way things are and – when the average life expectancy of a soldier is less than eighteen months – who’s going to argue? The past doesn’t matter, and the future isn’t worth the trouble.

Names change. Faces change. Technology sees to that. Yet, for M356/26 and S675/41, some things remain the same. There is always now. And there is always the battlefront.

Only Mortals

After the death of his partner, Michael’s family worry that he isn’t coping. The thing is, it’s hard to grieve when – alongside the memories and the old love letters – he keeps finding new mementos that only Eric could have left for him.


17th May 2014 - New free read, The Maker of Days, is now live.

Also, the anthology Suspended in Dusk, featuring my story Taming the Stars, is scheduled for a summer release from Books of the Dead. More details soon.

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